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Our Story


I appreciate that you're here, learning more about Ranger Balm and what sets us apart.

I’m Jaycee, owner and operator of Ranger Balm Organics. I did not set out to create Ranger Balm for the sake of starting a business, in fact, Ranger Balm was born from a genuine need and the business followed thereafter.

Ranger Balm was created out of sheer determination and frustration to naturally relieve my son's sensitive and eczema-prone skin without the use of harmful or animal-derived ingredients.

Before Ranger Balm existed, I was overwhelmed and over-purchasing, trying to find a suitable product that would nourish and soothe, rather than irritate, my son's painfully sensitive skin. Specifically, I was searching for a non-toxic and vegan balm that would (1) hydrate and soften with plant-based emollients known for their gentleness on sensitive skin (not ones known to be detrimental to skin with an already compromised barrier, like olive oil), and (2) lock in moisture with clean, natural, and vegan occlusives—such as plant-derived waxes (not petroleum, lanolin, or beeswax).

I was coming up short in my search for a multipurpose balm that I could feel uncompromisingly good about. I was wasting energy, time, money, and product, and I knew there had to be a better way. I set out to channel my frustration and to create my own solution.


Gone are the days of label-reading-anxiety. With Ranger Balm, you can quickly and easily identify each ingredient and moisturize with confidence.

I believe that more is not always better, and in my experience a long list of ingredients is incredibly daunting when dealing with sensitive skin. That's why Ranger Balm embraces simplicity and a short list of plant-based ingredients you already know and love that were thoughtfully chosen for their unique abilities to hydrate and soothe even the most dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone.

While launching a business during a global pandemic may have been ill advised, there was an incessant force pushing me to share Ranger Balm with others who may similarly feel stuck in their search for a conscious and effective alternative to petroleum and beeswax based preparations. 

Ranger Balm, affectionately named for my son, Miles Ranger, has become an indispensable skincare product in my home and among my family and friends—including those with eczema-prone, rosacea-prone, acne-prone, keratosis pilaris-prone, and normal skin types. And that's why I'm beyond excited to share it with you.


When I decided to take the leap and launch this business, the decision came with the promise that by adding another thing to the market, I would do it responsibly. No cutting corners. No compromises.

Our mission is to do good, which is why we're committed to caring for your health, animal welfare, and the health of our planet. Down to every last detail of our business, we put your well-being, animal welfare, and the health of our planet first. We use non-toxic, natural, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients that are never animal tested or animal derived. Most of our packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled content, are readily recyclable, and are printed with eco-friendly plant-based ink. Our suppliers are committed to sustainability as well, and examples of reasons we choose to work with them include carbon neutral shipping, planting trees to offset our orders, B-Corp status, and more!


We want to leave the world better than we found it and believe that individuals and businesses hold tremendous power to do that.

We donate 2% of every sale to environmental and animal welfare organizations, and we often donate Ranger Balm to charitable causes.

If you are an animal welfare or environmental organization (or an individual who feels strongly about a particular organization), please get in touch!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Ranger Balm as much as we do—and I’m always open to your feedback.


Jaycee Hill is a licensed lawyer in the state of New York who most recently worked at Chanel on their beauty marketing team. She is a lifelong beauty enthusiast and passionate about living a clean, sustainable, plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle.

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Introducing Miles Ranger, the driving force behind Ranger Balm.